We don’t overlook the details when we make our posts!


Great posts make for a great sign! Many shops don’t make them but we do! And we don’t overlook the details. We made a blog post about a year ago about the post we make, A Post about a Post! and we’ve been perfecting the quality of our posts ever since.

Here are some examples of the details you don’t see when we make our posts.


All posts we make are glued together for strength.


We add several screws to add a mechanical fastener as well as the glue. All screws are stainless steel and we counter sink everyone.


Each and every screw is then filled so you can’t see it. We do two to three coats of filler to hide the screws.

It kind of feels like we are making furniture sometimes when you look at the details we do on the posts we make. We want every sign we make to fell proud of the posts that support it.