A Sign Makeover instantly changes your Image!


salation army


One of the easiest ways to update your look is replacing an old worn out sign. We completed this project this past summer for The Salvation Army and changed their image instantly. Their old sign was completely worn out and was beyond ready for a replacement. Reason 12 on my list of 13 Reasons You Need a New Sign.

Sure we could have come in with an exact replacement to what they had but what real new impact would that have. We designed a complete custom one-of-a-kind 3D Carved header sign that was hand painted with a realistic wood grain background. We added a locking message cabinet and custom-built posts where the cabinet is recessed into the posts.salvation army icon

Crisp detail work on the logo section shown here. The 3D carved sign section was carved into one piece of material. No overlays or added panels needed. It is one piece. We used all 100% acrylic polymers for paintwork.

Below shows the complete system assembled in our shop. Custom top sign section, custom posts and locking message center.


After this project was done this sign definitely met my #5 on the list of 5 Ways a 3D Sign Can Improve Your Business