Listen to our Radio Spot on Troy Community Radio! …And check our their Van!


Be sure to listen to our Radio Spot on Troy Community Radio. Clint did a great job on the Spot, Thanks!

We also did their “Rolling Radio” van. It has a partial wrap covering the side rear windows and we did a see through window perf on the rear window.


Listen to them now! Stream them now!




See the sign with Glasses! Cool Optometrist Sign!


Optometrist Custom 3D Sign
We installed this sign exactly one year ago. There are several cool effects and details on this sign. First the glasses have real lenses in them. We cut 1/4″ clear acrylic for the lenses and embedded them into the frames that are made with PVC. This sign was two sided so it was important that the lenses floated in the center of the frames so we made the frames as two sections and sandwiched them together. We created a custom realistic wood grain background on the bottom section of the sign. This section of the sign is HDU and all hand painted. The Tag Line is painted dibond with vinyl lettering. We made the custom bracket, the bracket is design so the tubes slide inside the sign and matched our slots we made in the sign for mounting.

The client had us come back shortly after they opened their new location and do a similar themed sign on their lobby wall. The Glasses were made the same way as the main sign and we have this section made so the frames float off the wall. The letters are all CNC cut letters stud mounted to the wall.


The Jorney Salon sign was installed a few months before the Optometrist sign. This sign uses 3D raised letters that are stud mounted and spaced off the facade of the building.



We don’t overlook the details when we make our posts!


Great posts make for a great sign! Many shops don’t make them but we do! And we don’t overlook the details. We made a blog post about a year ago about the post we make, A Post about a Post! and we’ve been perfecting the quality of our posts ever since.

Here are some examples of the details you don’t see when we make our posts.


All posts we make are glued together for strength.


We add several screws to add a mechanical fastener as well as the glue. All screws are stainless steel and we counter sink everyone.


Each and every screw is then filled so you can’t see it. We do two to three coats of filler to hide the screws.

It kind of feels like we are making furniture sometimes when you look at the details we do on the posts we make. We want every sign we make to fell proud of the posts that support it.



A Sign Makeover instantly changes your Image!


salation army


One of the easiest ways to update your look is replacing an old worn out sign. We completed this project this past summer for The Salvation Army and changed their image instantly. Their old sign was completely worn out and was beyond ready for a replacement. Reason 12 on my list of 13 Reasons You Need a New Sign.

Sure we could have come in with an exact replacement to what they had but what real new impact would that have. We designed a complete custom one-of-a-kind 3D Carved header sign that was hand painted with a realistic wood grain background. We added a locking message cabinet and custom-built posts where the cabinet is recessed into the posts.salvation army icon

Crisp detail work on the logo section shown here. The 3D carved sign section was carved into one piece of material. No overlays or added panels needed. It is one piece. We used all 100% acrylic polymers for paintwork.

Below shows the complete system assembled in our shop. Custom top sign section, custom posts and locking message center.


After this project was done this sign definitely met my #5 on the list of 5 Ways a 3D Sign Can Improve Your Business

Changeable Transit Banner System – Your Advertising Opportunity is Calling!


This is a great advertising opportunity, use a Changeable Transit Banner System.

agnle 034


We’ve done this truck for about 5 years with this system. They update the marketing for current specials or promotions and/or advertising campaigns. Here is a link over to when we originally did this truck.

We even added permanent vinyl lettering under the banner area if they wish to use it without a banner.

If you have a box truck are your using it for your maximum advertising opportunity?

Do you need a Trade Show Display – 2015 Exhibitor Catolog



Just released, the 2015 Exhibitor Handbook. This is a collection of some great trade show displays that we can get you. Everything from banner displays to a full exhibitor booth!

We carry all of these products and more. If you see anything you like and would like a quote or more information please contact us

Also keep in mind we have the Pacific 920 (36″) for only $295, follow this link for more details! 

Don’t go to your next presentation without a good presentation, because the first impression is can be your last impression!

We have the Best Software plus 1 Year free Content Design for our LED’s




If you are in the market for a LED Display one of the things that you must look at is the software that comes with your display. The LED’s we carry have a Cloud Based software that you can access anywhere, on any PC, Mac or Ipad.

The first year with the LED Display you get FREE Content Design, simply log into you account and request what you want on the display. After the first year you can choose to keep the service or pay as you need it, plus you get to keep all the content that has already been designed for you.

The other plus for Cloud Based Software is that you don’t have to have a dedicated computer controlling the LED Display, or the need to go to that computer to update the sign. You can set in the comfort of your own home, coffee shop or wherever to update it.

The software includes an online editor, where you can create your content. It includes a scheduling system that has lots of features. You can run RSS feeds on the display, and now you can have emergency updates through IPAWS.

For more information on the software visit SM Infinity.  The Software is included for life with the LED Display.

Great Price $295 for a Retractable Banner Display!


piqua battery display

We are offering the Pacific 920 (36″ Model ) for only $295*

The Pacific 920 display has a Lifetime Warranty on the stand and includes a free padded carrying bag. We use our matte finish Anti-Curl (wait let me edit: lay flat, No Curl) media for the printed display. Graphic size is 35.5″ x 83.75″ (plus bleed on bottom – 10″). The print has a block-out layer so lights and displays behind you don’t show shadows in your display and the matte finish prevents glare. Hurry! this price may not last long!


piqua retractable


hybrid display denlinger display

*This price does not include artwork/setup

Client’s sign on Dayton Biz Journal & WHIO News!


With the publicity of The Barrel House opening the sign we made is getting some attention as well. The Dayton Biz Journal and WHIO News used a shot of the custom 3D sign in their articles.

Big Checks, yeah we make those



Hey, we made that check. If you need a big check we can do that.

On this check we added a dry erase laminate so they could reuse it over and over again and write the amount they are giving away and who they are giving it too.

Most of our big checks are on either foamcore or corrugated plastic. We typically fill in the amount and the name when we print it so it can be given to them as a keepsake.

As for the question of cashing it at the bank…