The Backside of Channel Letters

Many people have never seen the back side of channel letters.  It’s the strange void of space on the facade of retail frontage. Only access is a 20″ x 20″ access door.   This is where we have to connect the wiring for the channel letters.  It is also where we have to inspect and determine what the wall we are mounting to is made of.  Some you can stand in and others like in the picture are about 4′ tall with several angled support beams you have to go over or under all while balancing on steel studs (America Ninja Warrior).

Most often most of the time spent on an install can be spent inside this space.  Someone is often required to be in here while the fasteners are going through the wall to help secure the sign.  Then someone to make the connection to the,  hopefully,  provided electrical circuit.

Sometimes we require to call in an electrician to complete an electrical run and circuit on these projects.  We often know this in advance of the install but sometimes we find that the existing electrical in the facade is disconnected.

Channel letters installs are always an adventure.

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