See the sign with Glasses! Cool Optometrist Sign!


Optometrist Custom 3D Sign
We installed this sign exactly one year ago. There are several cool effects and details on this sign. First the glasses have real lenses in them. We cut 1/4″ clear acrylic for the lenses and embedded them into the frames that are made with PVC. This sign was two sided so it was important that the lenses floated in the center of the frames so we made the frames as two sections and sandwiched them together. We created a custom realistic wood grain background on the bottom section of the sign. This section of the sign is HDU and all hand painted. The Tag Line is painted dibond with vinyl lettering. We made the custom bracket, the bracket is design so the tubes slide inside the sign and matched our slots we made in the sign for mounting.

The client had us come back shortly after they opened their new location and do a similar themed sign on their lobby wall. The Glasses were made the same way as the main sign and we have this section made so the frames float off the wall. The letters are all CNC cut letters stud mounted to the wall.


The Jorney Salon sign was installed a few months before the Optometrist sign. This sign uses 3D raised letters that are stud mounted and spaced off the facade of the building.