We have the Best Software plus 1 Year free Content Design for our LED’s




If you are in the market for a LED Display one of the things that you must look at is the software that comes with your display. The LED’s we carry have a Cloud Based software that you can access anywhere, on any PC, Mac or Ipad.

The first year with the LED Display you get FREE Content Design, simply log into you account and request what you want on the display. After the first year you can choose to keep the service or pay as you need it, plus you get to keep all the content that has already been designed for you.

The other plus for Cloud Based Software is that you don’t have to have a dedicated computer controlling the LED Display, or the need to go to that computer to update the sign. You can set in the comfort of your own home, coffee shop or wherever to update it.

The software includes an online editor, where you can create your content. It includes a scheduling system that has lots of features. You can run RSS feeds on the display, and now you can have emergency updates through IPAWS.

For more information on the software visit SM Infinity.  The Software is included for life with the LED Display.