Awesome Faux Wood Sign!


Faux Wood Sign

Faux Wood SignYou are looking at a sign we made that looks like wood but it’s actually HDU (High Density Urethane). We created a the wood grain pattern using Corel Draw and Vectric Aspire for this sign. The sign is hand painted.

080 lowresAfter we did our design work we machined the background of the sign on our AXYZ CNC. This process took several hours. The background was made in two pieces that we seamed together.

003 lowres


After putting the background together we then had to prime the entire sign to get it ready for paint.

003 lowred

We then began our painting magic. This process used several different colors and glazing techniques that are suitable for exterior sign use. We wrote a blog about some of the paint techniques.

faux wood with knot

In our wood grain texture we even added knots in the wood for more detail. We wanted it to be realistic!

HDU LettersAfter completing the background of the sign we began making the letters. They were made from HDU and all hand painted. During the painting process we did a mild age glaze to the letters to match the age of the background. The picture above shows the raw HDU letter testing alignment before we painted them.

SONY DSCThe finished sign turn our great! The client was very pleased. We also had several thumbs up and comments from people driving and walking by as we where installing the sign.

The irony of this sign is the client wanted it to look like an old wood sign, like it was found in a warehouse or barn. Since we made the sign from HDU it will outlast any wood sign. You probably wouldn’t be fortunate enough to find an old wood sign that is in, well, new condition and will last with you logo on it.

Realistic wood grain signIt was a fun project. I am always excited about sign projects that are different from the norm. Please visit our friends at The Barrel House when the open!









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