Working some Paint Magic on Background of Sign


Wood Grain Close up

We are in the paint stages of this project and working on the background of this sign. Our goal is realistic wood. Our next goal is to make the overall background darker and more aged.

The painting process starts with a coat of high build primer on the HDU.  This step alone on a sign this size can take about one hour when applied by hand. The next day we can do a base coat of paint to use to build our wood effect with. Now is when the fun starts and we work our paint magic to make the grain really come to life. Get the brushes out, turn the music on, and make it happen.

Tomorrow we will add the next color into the grain  effect of the sign. We will also start priming the letter we made for the sign.


Finished Detail Carving on the Background – Project: The Barrel House


081 080

After several hours of machining we carved out the background texture of the sign.

Now we need to bond the two sections together and get it primed and ready for paint.

We will also have to get the art finalized and sent out for the custom letters we are making for this sign.

Prepping the 3D art – Project: The Barrel House


barrel house 4barrel house 1barrel house 2barrel house 5

We are preparing our 3D artwork to send to the CNC for Carving. The software we use can generate a 3D rendering and also allows you to spin it to view it from any angle and zoom in to the details.

The artwork for this sign has several details that will make it truly unique. They are wanting a sign that looks like it’s a 100 year old wood sign. We designed a wood grain pattern and even included knots in the wood. This will be fun to see carve out.

We are working on the final artwork to send out to the CNC and should have the sign started on the carving process. We will keep you posted on this sign, will be a unique one!


barrel house 4

Monumental Sign Decision – Monument Signs



Monument Sign: A sign that sits directly on the ground

If you want your business or organization noticed make the monumental decision to go with a monument sign.

A monument sign shows that a business/organization is well established and secure enough to have such a sign.  Most people who look at these signs think they are solid concrete, rock and brick signs with expensive price tags and it takes a business/organization with a secure future to invest in one, little do they know that these signs are often more affordable than they look. A larger percentage of the monument signs your see are faux monument signs. They are not rock, brick, and concrete.

The Pioneer sign pictured above is all faux, even the bricks. You need to drive up and touch them to know they are not real!

Belton StroupBelton Stroup


A faux monument style sign can save you thousands of dollars alone on just the footer/foundation and install compared to a concrete, rock and brick sign. Since they are not concrete and rock they are not heavy they do not require a poured concrete footer. They only require post and post holes for installing. We typically can install a monument sign in only a few hours.

Can you believe that the Pioneer sign above was only around 150 lbs?  Each section on the Belton Stroup sign was around 100 lbs. When you drive up to them you would swear they would weigh several tons. The Belton Stroup sign is installed with only three posts in all the columns. Can you imagine how much a solid footer would have cost alone if this sign was a real concrete sign, probably as much as the finished project cost doing the sign as a faux monument sign.

ConcordValley Regional

The specialist that make our faux monuments can match brick and rock patterns if any exist on the architecture of a building where a sign is going. This adds to the illusion of the sign being real brick and rock since they match what is currently on site. The Concord sign , around 150 lbs, faux bricks closely matching bricks on school building. The Valley Regional is a hybrid sign combining a faux monument and an electrical cabinet sign. The bricks were matched to their building.

byron church

The faux monument signs can be equipped with reader boards and LED displays.


If you are planning a new sign for your business or organization think about making it monumental!

Quint Creative Signs can make this happen for you. We can custom design a monument or use a stock designed monument for your project.

All signs pictured in this posts are faux monument signs. None of them contain real rock, concrete, mortar or bricks. They all have simple installation on posts, even the LED sign is mounted on posts.