13 Reasons you need a New Sign


1.) Fading –


Your pink and baby blue sign makes it look like you are selling used baby clothes, when you really are trying to sell Sporting Goods and Team Apparel. Ten years ago or longer your sign was a red and navy blue, but now it’s faded. Depending on the style of sign it’s time to replace or repaint. Often replacing and updating at this point will help get your business re-noticed verse just doing a repaint.

2.) Outdated Info – Your signage still has your old area code on it! Where I’m at the area code changed about 15 years ago, not going to do any good calling the old area code. Even worse, you have a list of products you no longer service or sell, that can make perspective customers mad when they stop in and you tell them you haven’t carried that in 3 years. They may nver give you another chance.

3.) Name change – Sounds obvious but often overlooked when a company merges, gets bought out or decides to change their name. The sign should always be part of the business plan during the change. I wrote a blog post a while back on signs and business plans Business Plan Post.

4.) Business moves –


Your business moves but your sign really don’t fit the new location. Sure you can hang that old sign up, might block part of that one window or the overall looks of the sign don’t fit into the atmosphere of the new location. Moving to a new location means a great sign is required to set that first impression. Don’t make the first impression look like you don’t fit in!  I know a company that moved around 10 years ago, they modified an existing free standing sign by adding some 2×4’s off to one side and mounted a banner they had to it. I’m sure they missed a big percentage of perspective clients with this look, and got only the penny pinching clients that seen that this place must be cheap!

5.) Vandalism – If your sign has been vandalized, don’t just leave it. Most insurance companies will cover damage caused by vandalism.

6.) Storm Damage – Same goes for storm damage and vandalism. Insurance normally covers this.

7.) No one seems to find you – This might mean that your sign is poorly designed or poorly located. A new sign may help you draw in new clients and help people find you and know what you do.

8.) Wrong clientele for your product/service – Are you trying to sell high-end furnishings and the only sign you have is a banner hung on your building. Your sign should equal the quality of products and services inside. If your sign looks cheap, people will think what you sell is cheap. I touch base on this in a post blog posts: 5 Ways a 3D Sign can Improve Business

9.) Bragging Rights –  Is your business doing excellent and achieving more than you thought! What better way to tell the world than update your signage and make an impression.

10.) Additional Location – Again sounds obvious, but sometimes overlooked when a company adds a new location or office. Even if you are using a warehouse down the street for storage it should have your signage on it.

11.) Franchising – If you plan on franchising your business Branding is Key! It all starts with your current locations. Are the sign packages at your locations up to par to what will be expected going into the realms of franchising? Are you offering a Model Location to what you want all your franchises to look like? Does the branding and signage work at the current locations. When people buy into a franchise, they are buying in to a model business that works. Part of this is a successful branding and signage. I’ve seen some businesses that decide to offer a franchise of their business and their own locations branding and signage aren’t as nice as the franchise locations that open up. Then without a set guideline of what works for this business, other franchises open and do their own idea for signage since they have no guidance. Now ever franchise of this business looks different, and some or all will fail. The franchise suffers from lack of good branding and signage.  Do you think Starbucks or Subway could have ever made it as huge as they are without opening Model Locations first! And setting up guidelines for all locations after!

12.) Your Sign Is Old – This one is the most obvious. Your sign is old and needs replaced. Walking in and out of your own business everyday you might not even notice, but your clients do. At least you have a sign but start planning a replacement and setting a budget to replace.

13.) No Sign – Ok, you’ve read a lot of reasons but this one is the most important. One of my favorite quotes “A Business With No Sign Is A Sign Of No Business”.

Custom Made Signs benefit businesses


All the signs we create at Quint Creative Signs are custom-made, and that means we can make you a sign that is unique to you.

How does this benefit our clients? We provide signs that are truly unique and not another cookie-cutter sign that the other shops offer.  Our signs do not have to fit into premade  sign panels and shapes or have to use ordinary rectangle shaped signs.SONY DSCWe can cut the shape of your sign into any shape. If a rectangle sign is required we round the edges.

When we make 3D carved sign, we can do any texture we dream up for the sign. Our most popular texture is a realistic wood grain that we carve into the sign, but we can do so much more with texture. The addition of texture adds the illusion of more depth to the sign.


When we work with a client on a sign project we don’t open up a catalog of what signs we offer, we draw up ideas that fit the client and fit the area the sign is going and how it will be used. Since we custom make all our signs we can offer so much more that what some shops can offer in the stock catalog.

You don’t want to look the same, a unique sign will make you stand out.