A Post about a Post! – Great Posts make Great Signs



Most signs shops are satisfied only providing their clients with simple 4×4′ posts on their sign projects. What most of these shops don’t understand for a sign to be great the posts have to be great as well.

We pride ourselves on manufacturing great posts for our sign projects right in our shop. We add custom routered flutes or pocketed elements in the posts. We even make our own custom finials that are machined so they slip over the posts and completely seal out the weather from getting inside the posts.

littlejohn panel  SONY DSC  SONY DSC   pic 025

Our earlier years we tried everything to enhance treated or cedar 4×4 and 6×6 posts for our projects. Getting straight posts got harder and harder to find and finding any posts with nice edges where even harder to find. With the addition of new equipment a few years ago it occurred to use that we can produce out own posts how we like them.

Our posts start at 6″ wide and most projects we do 10″ and 12″ posts. We’ve experimented with several types of materials to make our posts with and have recently upgraded all out posts to be made with a material called Extira. It is a completely weather resistant material and can be machined very easily. For an up-charge we can also produce our posts with PVC materials, but only recommended on lighter colors as dark colors can warp PVC with the heat from the sun.

On your next sign project don’t settle on simple unattractive posts, demand something nicer out of your sign shop!


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