5 ways a 3D Sign can Improve your business


Can a sign really improve your business? Our answer, Yes It Can! Here are 5 ways a 3D sign can improve your business.


1.) Draw Attention To Your Business:    The better a sign looks the more it will get noticed. The more a sign gets noticed the more your business gets noticed. When you introduce a 3D sign it will always trump anything that can be done with a flat one dimensional sign. A 3D sign uses textures, natural shadows and other 3D effects to create the eye-candy to draw attentions to it. Even a very basic design when made as a 3D sign will always out perform a flat version.  Doing the best 3D sign for your business will draw attention to your business directly resulting from the look of the sign. If your sign simply blends in with all the other signs in your area you won’t get noticed, going to 3D with added 3D effects will take you from blah to wow.

pic 025

2.) Represents the quality of products and services you offer:    Think about this one. You get sued and need to hire an attorney and you know this won’t be cheap. You know you want the best attorney you can get. Would you hire the attorney that has a $200 sign hanging from their wall, or the attorney they has a several thousand dollar sign. A sign that screams they mean business and they get results! Another scenario, you need major dental work and  you have great dental insurance so costs isn’t an issue,would you use the doctor with the cheap corrugated plastic sign hanging over the old sign from the previous doctor located in that office or would you choose the doctor with the cool sign with a 3D tooth on it. Point is that your sign’s quality should be equal to the quality of products and services offered by your business. You can’t expect to sell a several thousand dollar hardwood floor to a walk in client when your main sign on your building is a banner, they are probably looking for carpet remnants based on the impression they got off the sign.

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3.) Look better than your competition: Need I say more? It is always important to look better than the competition, unless you want to sell things cheaper then your competition.


4.) Remind your clients to do business with you: Updating your current aging signs to new 3D signs remind your clients that you are still there and your business is stronger than ever. Adding new signs to a business that is not signed very well can actually increase overall revenue, studies show that adding one sign can increase annual sales dollars 4.75 percent at that location (Research on Signage Performance by the University of San Diego School of Business Administration).  This study was only based on a sign and not taking into account a 3D sign that can draw more attention over average signs.


5.) Improve your overall appearance to your community: Many of the clients I’ve worked with after their update to their facility including signage has receive special appreciation awards and certificates for the improvements made to their properties. The sign can often be a large part of this. Getting the local government and organizations recognition gives community pride in your business. The local community often gives more support to business that shows they really care about how the local economy looks and how they are trying to make a difference.