Many Development Signs this year




This year has started of with several large development & real estate signs. I hope this is a sign of some movement in the economy. Properties being purchased, sold, leased and developed.

We have the capabilities to make this style sign full color and in custom shapes.

We do provide installation services on this style sign. We typically do a direct burial on the posts and if we hang a sign on a building we try to find the best place and do the least damage with fasteners to the building to hang it.

piqua new schools


lease mcvety sign

Installation of Raised Text Signs




Here I am finishing up an installation of a raised text/logo sign. These characters are 18″ tall and made with 1/2″ thick PVC. I permanently bond stainless steel hardware to the back sides o the letters and mount the letters with spacing off the facade to allow the letters to cast a natural shadow. The Shadow helps give the text/logo even more depth. We use a silicone to mount the letters and seal of the holes drilled into the wall for the installation.

The client is having a black awning mounted above the windows and door, under the signage. This will set of the front of the building.