3D Carved Sign ready for install




Sign panels are ready for install.

I just finished the paint on the signs panels and cutting out the main sign panels with the v-carved inline. I also got the final coat of paint on my custom posts I made for this project.

I really wish I had all this ready for the first part of this week when it was warm, I have a feeling it will be a very chilly install.

Hand Painting the sign panels.

Hand Painting the sign panels.

Cleaning up letters after doing the wood grain on the CNC Router

CNC wood grain texture

Cleaning up the lines around the text after running the wood grain tool path.

Doing wood grain textures on the CNC is one of my favorite techniques when making signs.

The entire background of the signs is machined to look like wood grain. I do this by creating a texture toolpath in our CNC Software. After I machine the texture I run a toolpath around all the lettering to clean the lines up from the wood grain tool path I ran. When I do the artwork in the CNC Software I add outline and inline to cut to wood grain too the use the tool path right on the actual artwork to make all the lines clean.

Today I primed these panels and hope to get the background colors painted on to them.

3D Raised Graphic & Letter Sign – Custom Made




3D signs are always fun to make! This sign has individual cut text that is mounted to the sign. I layered two sheets of sign substrates together to make the background.


I made the icon float off the background by using spacers behind the icon and tried to conceal my screw caps in the graphics of the icon.

















Today’s Install – Liberty Tax



We installed the Liberty Tax sign today. This location has had a sign panel missing for so long that it really looks extra nice having something back in this space.

The install went good other than the Pan Face panel we ordered was a little over a 1/4 inch to tall to fit so we had to perform an onsite trimming of the panel. Luckily with the new truck we where prepared for this and had the tools to do this onsite. After a trim of the top and bottom the sign slid easily in place.

Just finished lettering a large Translucent Pan Face Sign




This sign was so large I had to letter it on the floor of the shop. It was to large for any of our work tables.

This is a translucent pan face sign that we lettered. We get the faced made to our specs and we added the translucent vinyl graphics. We can also have this style sign made with embossed and painted lettering and graphics too. Embossed lettering and graphics makes these 3D with the text raised off the background.

Bar & Garage Sign



We designed and made this sign for a client that wanted to give a custom sign as a gift. A sign is really the best gift isn’t it?

This sign was made on PolyMetal. It can be used indoors or outdoors. We did a laminate over the entire face to give it extra durability. The sign is flat, I added a few tricks I use to give a flat sign some depth and makes them pop.

I hope whoever got this sign as a gift loved it!


American Restoration in Ohio!


atlas them

This is not the typical work that I do, but every once in a while I get a request to restore an old sign.

There is a lot more work doing restoration than it looks. I had to re-create all the artwork from scratch. Then I painted the entire sign white. Since I am a modern shop, the face was ran on out digital wide format printer, then laminated and contour cut to shape. This sign would have been originally screen printed which is not practical for a one time restoration. After the paint cured we added the printed face and trimmed out the area where the thermometer goes and the screw holes. I also added new screw to finish it up.

Being a commercial sign shop, this type of work is often pushed to the back of the line and we use it as fill in work. So if you have a restoration you would like, I will look at it and give you a guess on the cost of doing to work. I try to turn most restorations in a few months as I keep the new commercial sign work running through the shop.

3D Address Sign with Faux Wood Grain background


SONY DSCHere is a sign we made for a client to give someone as a Christmas gift. It has 3D raised text and we did a background on our wide format digital printer. The entire sign is made with PVC and stainless steel studs on the backs of the letters.

When the customer was given the choice between a flat version of this and the 3D she new the extra money spent for the 3D version was worth it. She was thrilled with it when she picked it up.


12 Accomplishments in 2012


20122012 was a great year and I wanted to share a list of 12 accomplishments for 2012.

1) Winning 1st place in the USSC national sign design competition for a non-lighted free-standing sign.

2) Being asked to be a presenter at the 2012 Vectric (3D CNC Software) users group meeting.

3) Having one of my signs published in the 2013 USSC  Calendar that gets distributed to all USSC members and attendees at the Sign World International trade show.

4) Having a picture of one of my signs published in Sign Builder Illustrated.

5) Received my 3rd Certificate from the United States Sign Council, sign professionals must attend enough credit hours of continued education with the USSC SignPro University classes to receive this.

6) Hit 300 likes on our Facebook page and continue to slowly get more likes, maybe 400 in 2013 will be a goal. Help me make this one possible!

7) Completed the new sign for Quint Creative Signs. A sign that shows several examples of types of work we can do including full 3D carved, V-Carve and other techniques. This sign may be featured in a Newsletter from Vectric in 2013, waiting to see.

8) Upgraded to a much newer service/bucket truck. This will allow us to be more prepared for installs with the toolbox body and the truck being loaded with our equipment and ready to roll. Not to mention having a much more secure and safer bucket for install work, and having strobe and caution lights equipped on the new truck for safety.

9) Finally able to upgrade our software we use for vinyl cutting and some design. The old version was from 2000 and wouldn’t work on a PC that had anything newer than XP on it. It was time for an upgrade, going from a PC with a 6 core processor to an old PC running XP was not very fun. Now I can do it lightning fast on the 6 Core PC.

10) Had a picture of a sign we made featured on our Vectric’s (3d CNC Software) homepage.

11) Got a testimonial I wrote for a product we use from one of our vendors features in two of their catalogs. A private labeled material that only this distributor sells and how we use the material and how it benefits our clients.

12) Changed over the old conference room to a more friendly meeting room. We can set down with clients and bring up their projects or artwork right in front of them, and the ability to access images of projects we’ve completed to show examples of what we can do for our clients. Plus our clients are welcome to a coffee of their choice from the Keurig or a soft drink.

Of course all of this wouldn’t be possible without great clients and being able to turn out some really nice signs over the past year for our clients.

What will 2013 bring. I’m sure it will bring much more and I’m willing to work to top 2012 like I’ve top every year before it.

Happy New Year! And good luck to your business in the new year!