Quint Creative Signs Christmas Schedule


Merry-Christmas-christmasQuint Creative Signs will be close starting Sat Dec 22nd through Jan 1st for a Christmas and New Years break. We will reopen on Wed, Jan 2nd.

Have a wonderful and safe Christmas and New Years and see you next year.

We hope that 2013 will bring your business many new opportunities and growth.

Grave Digger takes over the sign shop


SONY DSCWe made the cut-out for one of our employee’s sons Christmas. So no royalties owed to Dennis Anderson on this since it was made for no profit and we didn’t use on of his own pictures.

This is a large digital print mounted to 1/8″ PVC that we cut to shape on the CNC. We added the popped off wheels to give it a more real 3D look.  They plan on mounting it to the wall.

This is about 6ft left to right.


Bug A Boo VW Bug



Make it look like a LadyBug, OK I’ll Try.

We created the logo several years ago for Bug A Boo and have done a few vehicles in the past for them.

On this project we did the logos and all the graphics and pinstripe, the Eye Lashes are the clients own add-on. She has antennas to add to it as well.


I felt very noticed as I drove the around the block from our install by to the front of the shop. Not many people would expect me in a big huge LadyBug.

Large Snow Flakes Spotted in Piqua


PVC Snow Flakes

What in the heck do I get talked into doing sometimes! S N O W F L A K E S ?

We made these large snow flakes out of 1/4″ PVC Plastic for Allisten Manor’s Flower Box. They are decorating the Piqua High School CPA for this years Holiday Performance. They wanted something large they could hang across the top of the stage and the word “JOY”

The largest of the snowflakes is about 40″ tall. Each flake has two small pre-drill holes for hanging that are symmetrical across the top so they should hang even.


City/Village Municipality Sign this week

New sign panels for Covington

New sign panels for Covington

I had the opportunity to propose and make new sign panels for the entrance signs to Covington, Ohio. I proposed a few layouts and ideas in both 3D and flat. None of our layouts where a standard rectangles like the existing signs that are being replaced . I incorporated colors and type style to make the signs stand out and be easily read.

They choose the flat style sign with a custom cut shape to the panel. I always recommend going with a shape, it keeps it from looking like a typical sign that all other sign shop can create that don’t want to go into the extra effort of cutting out the panel.

We created 5 sets of new signs panels, can’t wait to see them up!

Old Sign Panels-Who ever made these used a poor quality material, see how the edges of the tan is falling apart.

Old Sign Panels
-Who ever made these used a poor quality material, see how the edges of the tan is falling apart.

USSC National Sign Design Award Presentation


I was excited to receive this years 1st place award in the United Stated Sign Council’s Sign Design Contest on Nov 29th in Atlantic City, NJ. The sign we won the award for is the Purk Automotive sign location in Piqua, OH. The category it won in was for a non-internal lit/or external lit sign. We have also received some other national press for this award including trade magazines and the software we use to run the parts we cut on the CNC for this project.

The awards ceremony and the USSC Sign World International Trade Show and Conference was a great way to meet nationally known sign artists and designers. It was great to talk to them about projects and learn tips and tricks on how they accomplish their projects. I also took several seminars offered by the USSC and received my 3rd Certificate for the continued education.

It always very exciting to get back and implement new techniques learned and other ways we can help our clients get their business noticed.

It was also nice to see a good attendance at the show, specially when I found out that it was the first trade show they have been able to have since the Super Storm Sandy. New Jersey needs all it can to get their economy jump started again and help everyone move on after the storm. It was also interesting talking to people at the show and hearing their Sandy stories.

To learn more about the USSC follow this link. I have been a member for several years and plan on continuing my membership for many years to come.

Now all I know is I have to continue to create signs above the average signs other shop offer in our area, and shoot for another award in the future.

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