A Sign Must Be Part of a New Business’s Business Plan.


I have been in the sign business since 2000 and see this issue more times than you would think. A person wants to start a business, does all their steps in getting a building leased, picks a product or service they want to sell, and heck even remodel the building. But then it’s time to open and I get a call about the sign.

Here is what I hear:

“I am opening a business and need a sign, can you get a sign done before we open” I ask when they plan on opening,  “We are opening next week”   —-A good sign shop is typically out between a week to three weeks on projects, a bad sign shop can help you right away. Plus there are permits you need to get to do the sign, this can take one to three weeks for permit alone!

“Can you sell me cheap lettering we can put on a board for a sign”    or   “Can you peel off the letters on the old sign and reletter it”    NO!!!     — Hire a sign company to make you a new sign and don’t make it yourself.

“We blew our budget on the remodel and inventory and have no money for the sign”   –OK, How the heck do you think you are going to get people to stop to see all your beautiful inventory , how good your service is, or how nice your building is.

“We only want to spend (some small dollar amount) on our sign, we plan on selling high end (products or service of some type)”   –Did ya know that the look of the sign sets an impression on what level of product or service you get out of the business.

Let’s sum this up: If you are starting a new business, moving a business or know someone doing either be sure to do a business plan and be sure to include the signage in this plan. Include a budget for the sign and what impression you want the sign to set for your business. Plan time for the proper sign to be built and all the permits to be obtained before you plan on opening your door.

A well planned sign will bring business through your door, the rest then is up to you!

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