One more panel to complete


Down to finishing up the last panel on our new sign. Should still be in schedule to get our new sign up first part of March. Still working on it between jobs and breaks from work for clients.

I ran the 3D Carving yesterday, it was actually only a 2D toolpath that was created for the background. The main panel of the sign is 1″ PVC, I removed 0.6″ of material to get the depth I wanted on the background. Plus I did a step down on the outline of the “SIGNS” text. The edge was trimmed with a V-Carve bit to finish it off.

The primer and paint is the next step. I am adding an “Old School” sign trick to the background. It will have a black smalt background. An old technique that adds texture and some twinkle to the background. Other than the smalt material the entire sign panel will be hand painted. The colors picked will make the word “SIGNS” pop. You will not miss what I do when you drive by.



Paint Paint Paint…



During Eye-Ball breaks doing setups for clients on the computer this week I have been getting a little paint work done on elements of the new sign. Progress is going well. I enjoy this paintwork, it is all hand painted.

The Chisel and Paint brush still needs one more color of paint on the handle of the paintbrush. It really is kinda like waiting for paint to dry to get onto the next color.

Watch for more progress on this sign on our blog.

Starting some paint on my new sign


Finally getting started on parts of my new sign. Business picked up the past few weeks and of course my project got sat to the side. Sneaking in a little time the past few days to work on this. My goal for the new sign is March, since my clients projects come first.

This piece will be mounted on the bottom of the new sign. The text is V-Carved into the sign, I also did some tricks where I actually bent the plastic on the ends to make the ribbon look like it is waving or flaring out on the ends. Now it is ready for a coat of paint as the main background color and final touch ups.