Preparing to make a new sign for the Shop


As the new year rolls in, we are preparing to make a new sign for the shop. We are going to be doing all kinds of cool things on this sign including 3D carved effects and a black smalt background. We plan on sharing some of the steps of this project on our blog.

The first thing we do for a sign is draw up an illustration of what the sign will look like. We like to show the customer what the signs will look like in full color, and will will need this drawing when getting permits for the sign. We will also illustrate what the sign will look like where it will be placed. This is also important when we get permits. Here are a few drawing of our new sign.


Keep any eye out on our Blog as we do more work on this sign. From start to finish.




Truck Lettering is one of the most affordable ways to advertise


With the start of the New Year businesses are looking for ways they can advertise without spending a lot of money. One way to do this is truck lettering. Truck lettering can be one of the most affordable ways to advertise for the amount of views the truck will get over the lifetime of the truck. Just think of the amount of times a lettered truck will bee seen in just one day. It’s a moving billboard for your business.

We do a lettering job for a truck at $295, this includes lettering & logos on both front doors and tailgate of the truck. If you own this truck for 5 years, your advertising you spent per year for this truck is only $59 a year, that’s $4.91 per month – That’s crazy cheap for advertising, where else can you get the visibility of a ad for $4.91 per month.

Of course we do offer add-on’s to the basic lettered truck job to get more eye-candy and to get the truck noticed even more. Making the truck even more effective. Some of these add-on’s would be a rear window wrap, wrapping side rear windows, doing text and/or graphics down the bedsides, doing super-sized graphics, and doing wraps. A truck with both doors, tailgate and a rear window wrap only runs $440 ($88 a year if you keep the truck only 5 years)

So with the start of the new year please think about doing advertising on your fleet of work trucks.

Thanks, Brian

*Please note, all prices listed does not include setup/artwork/logo design.