Fully Carved Texture and ready for Paint


We have the sign fully carved with the wood grain texture and raised letters. We added a inlay board and cut it out. The sign was carved on both sides. The next step is we pain the sign.

We have a paint stand we use that we hang the sign from so we can paint both sides at the same time and speeds up drying time. More updates to come on this project.



Adding a wood texture to a CNC Carved Sign


We designed a 3D Texture of wood grain in our 3D software three dimensional signage. This is done with a rapid texture toolpath on a 3/16  Bull Nose router bit.

This sign we are carving will be a two sided sign, carving into 1″ PVC.

To be fully painted and hung on a scroll bracket.

We will update photos of this project as we complete it.



Custom cut letters for Signs


We cut letters in house for sign projects. These are 1/2″ letters, we added pre-drilled holes on the backside for stud mounting of the letters and the ability to make our own mounting template. We gave the letters a few coats of green paint and added an acrylic clear coat for extra durability.

The lettering for this sign was design in Corel, we moved them into our CNC Ruoter software and added the toolpaths for drilling and cutting. We drilled and cut all these letters in about 15 minutes.